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Podmobs was a collaborative Minecraft map by Podcrash and the popular Italian youtubers Two Players One Console. Originally launched on June 7, 2022 it introduces you into the world of Podmobs, and into the laboratory of the scientist. You are tasked to work with him to catch all the mobs of this region and train them to become the strongest Podmob trainer in the region.


  • Explore 5 new regions: 5 brand new biomes await, each with their own surprises and stories!
  • Learn to catch new mobs: With lots of custom Podmobs to discover and catch you will never run out!
  • Meet new friends: Can you find Steph, Phere, and their friends who have become lost across the world!
  • Create new mob combinations: Experiment and combine different mobs to see what combinations work!


Within the world of Podmobs there are 5 regions to explore and unlock and the main city.